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DTST is back to DOMINATE the Record Books! Must-see Earnings Growth & Breakout Chart inside..

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If you’re one of my many long-time members, you’re going to be THRILLED today!

Today’s Alert just so happens to be a MULTI-TIME PAST WINNER going all the way back to 2015!

And Today, it’s even HOTTER than ever….

The Donald is issuing an IMMEDIATE ALERT on DTST!

Yes, DTST is BACK! Our Biggest Winner of All-Time delivered a Record Breaking 1,328% GAIN back in January, 2018 – hitting highs of 1.00!

Our next alert in April, 2018 saw DTST stage a monstrous 717% GAIN to highs of .70.

DTST was also our 2015 Kick-off Alert which went on to post up to 553% GAINS and never looked back!

So needless to say, we’ve got a quite the track record with this one…

So could history repeat itself again this week?

Data Storage Corporation (DTST) is a provider of data disaster recovery, Cloud-based backup, and business continuity services that help organizations protect their data, minimize downtime and recover and restore data within their objectives.

DTST is certainly no fly-by-night company.  This is a company that has partnered with Tech heavyweights like Cisco, IBM, DELL, VMWare, and more who RELY on them to protect some of their most sensitive data.

Think about that for a second.  Multi-National and MULTI-BILLION Dollar Corporations DEPEND on this little OTC Hidden Gem!

And while everyone is talking about the trade war and how it could affect the overall economy, there may be one thing that countries and large corporations may be preparing for that’s happening right under our noses — CYBERWARFARE.

Needless to say, governments and companies are already beefing up cybersecurity in order to prevent these attacks.

So it’s no surprise that the Cloud Storage Market is projected to grow to $92.4 BIL by 2022 from a $25 BIL Market today.

And with the historical rise of CryptoCurrency and Blockchain technology – Data Storage companies like DTST will be in even more demand.

Now that’s what I call a RAPID Growth Market!

And DTST is already taking advantage….

DTST has been a stalwart of the cloud and data storage industry for many years….

But no one expected these kinds of numbers! Since, 2015, DTST saw a 122% INCREASE in Revenues with incredible year-over-year growth.  See below…

As you can see from the image above, it goes without saying 2018 has been yet another BANNER YEAR for DTST!

With over $8.8 MIL in the bag for 2018, this company has now earned it’s place among the leaders of their industry.

But even more remarkable is that DTST was PROFITABLE for the FIRST TIME this year and they have continued that trend into 2019!!

How the Street could have overlooked this is beyond me!  But their oversight could be our gain…

To say DTST has a History of Rallies is the understatement of the century.  As we highlighted above, this stock is our absolute Biggest Winner EVER…period.

And now it appears it may be poised for another run towards key resistance levels…

As you can see from the chart above, DTST slowly descended back to support levels in August and September before staging a solid reversal off lows – testing the critical 50 Day Moving Average (blue line) last week.

Unfortunately, DTST was rejected today from a Breakout move yesterday – but with this New Bullish Trend in tact + our RSI and MACD Indicators representing major Bullish Divergence – could a full-on BREAKOUT be imminent in the coming days?

Let’s zoom out a bit on the chart….

As you can see, DTST’s support goes back a long way and it’s now trading at the very same levels our first two RECORD BREAKING Alerts were at before they rallied!

And on our side is respected analysis site,, who currently gives DTST a “BUY” Rating with a “STRONG BUY” Technical Rating!  See below…


A return to 2018 Highs of 1.00 would generate over 654% GAINS!!

So what could spark another rally?  Let’s dig in…

Data Storage Corporation is a 16-year veteran in cloud-based technology solutions industry focused on data protection and business continuity solutions that help organizations of all types and sizes protect their data, minimize downtime, ensure regulatory compliance, and recover and restore data quickly.

Clients look to DTST to ensure disaster recovery and business continuity, strengthen security, and to meet increasing industry, state and federal regulations.

The company markets to business, government, education, the health care industry and more by leveraging leading technologies, including Virtualization and Cloud Storage and Computing. DTST also provides hardware, SaaS, managed IT services, installation and maintenance.

DTST manages four data centers and leverages leading technologies through partnerships with a who’s who of industry titans such as IBM, Dell, Cisco Systems, and VM Ware!

So how does the Cloud actually work?
Computers crash?  Flood or natural disasters destroy your office?  Have no fear!  With the cloud,
you don’t need to worry about losing data!

DTST essentially assists Clients in minimizing downtime in potential disasters and increasing
productivity by storing company’s data off-site, in distinct geographical regions and setting up
efficient systems to allow for the intact retrieval of the data when needed.

DTST offers multiple “ezSolutions” for all your Cloud-based needs across IBM iSeries, AIX, Intel, Windows, and Linux systems:

■ ezVault Cloud Backup An easily managed cloud backup solution with built in multiple site redundancy and client controlled encryption, job scheduling, retention and retrieval.

■ ezHost Cloud Hosting: Fully managed service, offering “Capacity on Demand” for IaaS hosted systems built with easily scalable enterprise level resources and deployed in isolated environments with strict security controls

■ ezRecovery Disaster Recovery: Combines backup, managed standby, compute, storage and network infrastructure resources for quick and easy restoration of your vaulted data.

■ ezAvailability: Consists of full-time enterprise system, storage and network resources allowing you to quickly and easily switch production workloads to our cloud when needed.

■ ezMonitor Health Monitoring: Continuous 7x24x365 monitoring of health and critical jobs, with continuous deployment and ongoing support provided by IBM certified engineers.

■ ezMirror real-time replication program: offers automated real-time replication, which keeps data in sync with minimum management and near-zero data loss, allowing for quick recovery in the event of a disaster.

■ IBM iSeries Power Systems Solutions Cloud based IBM iSeries Backup/Recovery, System Mirroring, Storage Solutions and Infrastructure Hosted Solutions

■ Message Logic Email Archiving: Turn emails into searchable documents, reducing storage usage & costs! Compliant Email and Message Archiving packaged as virtual machine, cloud, or appliance

And DTST customers are raving!!

“I would recommend Data Storage Corporation’s IBM iSeries disaster recovery solution for any user that needs Disaster Recovery (DR) of any OS400 application. They were very easy to work with and answered all of my questions. Backups to the electronic vault are seamless and restore is much faster than tape.”
Eric A. — Manufacturing, Dyno LLC.

In late 2017, DTST took a great leap of faith in it’s newest venture – Nexxis Inc. – a subsidiary of the Company which will focus on the development of next-generation voice and data services intended to help companies speed up their communications, increase revenue and reduce costs.

VoIP is certainly a departure from the company’s traditional offerings  – but a bold one that truly sets them up for the future.

Nexxis is FASTER than traditional phone systems — and infinitely smarter — Nexxis voice and data solutions add functionality and improve efficiency, while keeping your costs down. [Read More]

Not only was this a strategic move, but DTST certainly knows where the money is!

According to MarketResearchStore.Com , the Global VoIP Services Market Poised to Surge from $83 BIL to $140 BIL by 2021!

So much has happened since we last covered this company over a year ago.  Without a doubt, this is one company that does NOT rest on it’s laurels!

DTST Announces new Enterprise Data Center in North Carolina
The company’s newest Tier 3 data center facility incorporates the latest enterprise technology to provide Infrastructure, Disaster Recovery and High Availability as a Service for IBM Power systems running IBM i, AIX and Linux

The addition of the new Tier 3 enterprise class data center with state-of-the-art security will allow DTST to meet the growing demand for its portfolio of ezServices.

Company Secures $3.5 MIL Contract to Provide Data Protection Solutions for $8 BIL Apparel Retailer
Through their partnership programs, DTST has been selected to provide their ezMirror real-time replication program as the ideal solution for the client’s considerable data protection requirements. ezMirror will provide the apparel retailer state of the art data protection requirements for their mission-critical IBM i and AIX applications.
High margin, recurring contract to utilize DTST’s cloud-based infrastructure and high availability services
In May, the company announced it had signed an exclusive agreement with one of the largest European toy retailers to provide Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), data replication and monitoring solutions.
“We expect this high-margin, recurring revenue contract will expand over time, as we increase our footprint within the organization.”

There’s absolutely no question.  DTST is just KILLING IT!

With Crypto/Blockchain technology and Cybersecurity now at the forefront, Cloud Storage companies like DTST are now more essential than ever before.

Please Note:  DTST is NOT a Cryptocurrency/Blockchain company.  Nor has the company eluded to entering or working in this sector.

Simply put, DTST is a no frills company that doesn’t crave the limelight or blurt out every achievement.

Everything they do – including the company’s EPIC year-over-year Earnings so far – tends to be UNDER THE RADAR.

That’s what attracted us to this company. DTST is Earnings and GROWTH-focused, with no time for games.

And if there was any doubt that 2019 will be another banner year…

“We set the stage for accelerated growth in 2019.  We also carefully managed our expenses, which enabled us to achieve both an operating and net profit for the full year.

Overall, we believe we have built a scalable operation and, as we continue to work with the goal of increasing revenue, we believe we are well-positioned to further enhance profitability…

…Heading into 2019, we are off to a strong start. We recently announced a $3.5 million contract with a nationally respected apparel company, to provide state of the art data protection services.”

– Chuck Piluso, CEO of Data Storage Corporation

With a BUY Rating, soaring Revenue Growth, and a potential Breakout chart, could DTST Breakout and become a 4-TIME WINNER and rally to New Highs again today?

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Good Trading,

Don “The Donald” Fitzgerald
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