Let’s kick-off 2022 with NNMX – a 1 CENT Low Float Runner awaiting FDA Approval for it’s COVID tests!


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There’s no doubt that the main story in the world today as we enter 2022 is *once again*, COVID -19.

This time, the world is combating an even more transmissive strain known as the Omicron variant.

Sadly, infections are now reaching record highs across the globe – and in turn, tests have become much harder to come by – especially as they are now required more than ever to enter work, restaurants, and travel.

🔵 Federal government has allocated at least $73 billion for COVID-19 testing, so where are the tests?
🔵 Up to a third of Israelis predicted to get COVID in next 3 weeks; tests running out
🔵 Madrid’s free COVID tests struggle with demand as infections hit new high

The moral of this story? WE NEED MORE TESTING…and FAST.  Only early diagnosis can help to prevent or stop an outbreak.

So there may be no better way to kick-off 2022 than with a stock that could actually have a REAL impact in combating this virus AND potentially save lives in the process.

Taking all this into account, Today’s New Years Kick-off Alert may be the most TIMELY alert we’ve ever released and it’s trading at under a mere 2 CENTS!!


Nanomix (NNMX) is developing mobile point-of-care diagnostics with its Nanomix eLab® System platform and assays that provide rapid, accurate, quantitative information for use in settings where time is critical to clinical decision-making and improved patient care.

The company’s products are designed to bring diagnostics to the point of initial patient interaction, whether in the hospital or in pre-hospital, remote or alternate-care settings, thereby enabling faster clinical decision-making and potentially treatment-in-place.

First up on the agenda? COVID-19.

Last month, NNMX submitted an Emergency Use Authorization Application with FDA for Approval/Clearance of it’s eLab COVID-19 rapid antigen test.

The company’s COVID-19 Antigen test cartridge is used with the Nanomix eLab Analyzer to provide electronically available results in 15 minutes.

Needless to say, Approval would have a Game-Changing impact on the NNMX.  And considering how fast the FDA has been approving vaccines for all ages lately, approval for this could also be IMMINENT!

“If authorized by the FDA, we believe our mobile point-of-care system will greatly increase accessibility to COVID-19 testing.”
David Ludvigson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Nanomix

Yet with all these major catalysts, the Street is still barely aware of this potential BLOCKBUSTER Situation as it trades at mere single-digit penny prices.

But [fname], that’s where we come in! Making you aware of NNMX’s potential here at the Ground Floor….*BEFORE* the rest catch on!

However…the “Ground Floor” may soon be in the rear view mirror as NNMX is currently displaying the creme de la creme of BULLISH Signals on it’s chart with an ULTRA-LOW FLOAT of just 72 Mil shares to boot!  Let’s dig in…

They call it the “Holy Grail” of Bullish Signals. The Rolls Royce of Chart patterns, if you will.

They’re rare.  They don’t happen often. BUT when they do…you can expect big things.

Yes, my friends…I’m talking about the GOLDEN CROSS.

What is a Golden Cross?
A Golden Cross is a basic technical indicator that occurs in the market when a short-term moving average (50-day) of an asset rises above a long-term moving average (200-day). When traders see a Golden Cross occur, they view this chart pattern as indicative of a strong bull market.

Many investors view the Golden Cross as a “holy grail” chart pattern. They consider it one of the most definitive signals of a bull market and, therefore, a strong buy signal. [Read More]

Now take a look at this beautiful Golden Cross chart below….


In addition to a Golden Cross, NNMX is displaying a Descending Triangle Pattern nearing its apex. So a direction to the upside or down could be imminent.

And with an Ultra-Low Float, NNMX is no stranger to quick TRIPLE DIGIT GAINS, having produced a tremendous 432% RALLY from .0091 to .0485 in early November!

KEEP IN MIND: A return back to 52-week highs of .07 would represent UPSIDE POTENTIAL OVER 280%!

If past performance is indicative of anything, NNMX could be on the heels of another MAJOR BREAKOUT, especially as the company awaits a potential FDA Clearance!


The overall aim for NNMX is the development of a pipeline of tests designed to improve patient outcomes by making high-quality diagnostic information available within just minutes.

Founded in 2000 by UC Berkeley professors and award-winning physicists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Marvin L. Cohen and Alex Zettl, NNMX is the leader in the development of mobile point-of-care (POC) diagnostics.

The Nanōmix eLab® system is a mobile immunoassay and chemistry diagnostic system designed for rapid Point-of-Care testing.

With this NNMX’s systems, healthcare professionals anywhere will have rapid access to quality diagnostic information while they interact with the patient!

The Nanōmix eLab offers the benefits of results in minutes, is low cost, and offers portability while providing accurate, quantitative results comparable to those provided by central lab testing.

The system utilizes a patented multi-plex test cartridge technology designed to broadly impact healthcare delivery by bringing diagnostics to the point of initial patient interaction, whether in the hospital or in pre-hospital, remote or alternate-care settings.


The global point of care diagnostics market size is projected to reach USD $50.6 BIL by 2025 from USD $29.5 BIL in 2020!

The company also recently announced confirmation of registration from the Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) of the United Kingdom for the Nanomix eLab system and the S1 Panel Cartridge.

This registration is an important step in accelerating the introduction and availability of Nanomix products to markets and patients throughout the United Kingdom.

Even though the hot topic here is COVID-19 and NNMX’s ability to provide point-of-care rapid testing as they await FDA Authorization, I hope you can see that this company’s potential reaches much further than this virus.

Mobile Diagnostics is a huge BILLION DOLLAR rapid growth industry and NNMX’s technology could truly make them stand outs among the rest!

But for now…this is a TRUE FDA APPROVAL PLAY that must not be ignored.

With a History of Triple-Digit Gaining Rallies, a rare Golden Cross Bullish Chart signal, an Ultra-Low Float, and a potentially imminent News catalyst…there may be NO BETTER TIME for NNMX here at the Ground Floor UNDER 2 CENTS!

[fname], you’ve been put on notice BEFORE the rest of the Street are aware!

NNMX could be our BIGGEST New Years Kick-off Alert of ALL-TIME!

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Good Trading,

Don “The Donald” Fitzgerald
Editor | MakePennyStocksGreatAgain.com

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